Our school offers a large number of English and German language courses fine-tuned to different CEFR levels and students’ needs, including courses and remedial classes for preschoolers and school children, as well as General, Business and Professional language courses for adults.




General English courses

General English courses (Pre-A1 to C2) take place in parallel with the school year and are intended for preschoolers, elementary school students, secondary school students and adults. Coursebooks are carefully selected to match the students’ age and interests, while the time slots fit the students’ daily schedule. By attending these courses one acquires a solid language base and systematically improves his or her speaking, listening, writing and reading skills, while gradually acquiring grammar and vocabulary.

Business English courses

Business English courses (A1 to C1) take students through texts and recordings about contemporary business topics, following which they emulate career-specific dialogues and discuss business-related subjects, while adopting the rules of business correspondence and expanding target vocabulary. The teacher brings all the observed grammar and pronunciation issues to the student’s attention and prepares him or her for self-study after the completion of the course.

English for Specific Purposes

These intensive short courses are intended for professionals for whom daily use of English at work is a must. The current range of courses includes the following: Tourism, Information Technology, Human Resources, Public Relations, Real Estate, Hotels and Catering, Cooking, Sales and Marketing, Management, Secretarial, Agriculture, Forestry, Dentistry, Nursing, Medical, etc. In addition to the textbook, extra handouts selected by the teacher are analyzed in classes, in line with the specific needs of the student.

Cambridge English exam preparation courses

Our school offers preparation courses for the following exams: B2 First, C1 Advanced, C2 Proficiency, Business Preliminary, Business Vantage and Business Higher.

Schoolwork support

All schoolchildren, and higher grade elementary school students in particular, are advised to attend tutor-led schoolwork support classes in order to catch up on missed schoolwork, participate more actively in classes and improve their grade. The classes are usually held on one-on-one basis.

Conversation classes

Conversation classes are held throughout the school year. The benefit of these classes is that you can tune in at any time of the school year, as the topics are not repetitive. Class materials are provided by the teacher and emphasis is placed on the development of speaking skills and vocabulary acquisition.

Company courses

In tandem with companies that wish to encourage employees to perfect their language skills, we shape bespoke course curricula that can be general, business-related or specific to the company’s line of work. We recommend that classes be held in our offices, since we use a dedicated classroom for this purpose.

Single one-on-one class

A single one-on-one 90-minute class is usually scheduled prior to school quizzes, midterm and final tests, university exams or important events such as going to a job interview, giving a conference presentation, or preparing for a business trip, among other things. You are advised to notify the teacher about the subject of the lesson beforehand, in the interest of thorough preparation.

Special courses

Our current range of special courses includes courses aimed at perfecting all aspects of English pronunciation (A1 to C2).



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